Needit Sports was started in 2008 by Scott Sheridan, he started the company initially just to do his own projects as he was very discouraged when he tried to contact other established companies only to be made to feel very unimportant. He said “I guess my quantity required was more of a pain then it was worth.” Totally understanding that bigger companies had bigger overhead he thought there must be a need for a company that will do smaller projects for people…and Needit was born!!

For the first few years it was only a part time thing for him as he was a Production Manager for a large format printing company, when the opportunity came about for him to pursue Needit Sports full time he took the plunge.

Needit Sports prides itself in making you feel important whether you need 6 pieces or 600 pieces, it is a policy Scott implemented day one and one we live by here at Needit Sports to this day.

Initially most of the work done at Needit Sports was within the sports industry as sports has always been a true passion for Scott, from beer league hockey jerseys to full baseball league uniforms…hence the “sports” aspect of the name. Since then we’ve done work in all aspects of business, corporate apparel from small to large companies, promotional apparel like aprons, t-shirts and caps to loads of spirit wear for dance studios, martial art studios and schools. All along continuing to still do all the smaller jobs that Scott initially started the company to do. We can say with pride that all of our customers have become friends and it’s that premise that has kept us loving what we do and keeps the referrals and friends coming back…we all Needit.

Scott Sheridan-Owner/Operator